Energy-Efficiency Rebates Extended to the Commercial Sector

The new efficiencyPEI Business Energy Rebates program offers support to businesses, non-profits and institutional organizations, as well as industrial/agricultural facilities for choosing high-efficiency products.

Improving energy efficiency will improve your bottom line by reducing your energy consumption costs and should be addressed before exploring alternative energy sources. The new program currently offers rebates for the purchase of efficient LED lighting, occupancy sensors and small air source heat pumps. More rebates will be added to the program as it progresses and more comprehensive programs that will provide funding for larger projects will be rolled out in the future as well.   The Department of Agriculture and Fisheries is planning information sessions for the agriculture and fisheries communities as well as the food processing and value-added sector once a more comprehensive program is released.

In the meantime check out the following link for details on the program and to stay up-to-date with changes.