Seminar/Workshop Presentations

Note: Use of content from any of these presentations for any use other than producer extension in PEI (including reprinting or re-publication) requires permission from the presenter and/or the AIM Project Lead (Ryan Barrett). Please contact for permission.

February 26-27, 2024
AIM Local Workshops:  Science & Tech

  • Chad Berry, Under the Hill Farms, Manitoba  (Video)
  • Ryan Barrett, PEI Potato Board (Video)

February 21-22, 2024
International Potato Technology Expo, Charlottetown, PEI

  • Canadian Potato Market Update – Victoria Stamper, UPGC  (Video)
  • American Potato Market Update – Mark Klompien, UPGA (Video)
  • Canadian Ag Economy Update – Leigh Anderson, FCC (Video)
  • Attracting and Retaining Employees in Agriculture Panel (Video)
  • Managing Foliar Fungicides – Darin Gibson, Gaia Consulting (Video)
  • Combatting Resistance in Colorado Potato Beetles – Tracy Shinners-Carnelly (Video)
  • Looking for Easy Wins from Digital Agriculture – Alex Melnitchouck, IntelMax Corp (Video)
  • Precision Agriculture Research Update – Aitazaz Farooque, UPEI (Video)

February 7-8, 2024
AIM Local Workshops:  Seed Management

  • Sophie Bambridge, B&C Farming, UK – Seed Production in the UK  (PDF Video)
  • Ryan Barrett, PEI Potato Board – 2023 Seed Projects (PDF Video)

January 23-24, 2024
AIM Local Workshops:  Potato Fertility

  • Ryan Barrett, PEI Potato Board – Innovations in Potato Fertility (PDF | Video)

March 8-9, 2023
AIM Local Workshops:  Seed Management

  • Newton Yorinori, Cavendish Farms – Seed Management (PDF | Video)
  • Dr. Rick Peters, AAFC – Seed-Borne Diseases (PDF | Video)
  • Ryan Barrett, PEI Potato Board – Producing a Smaller Seed Profile (PDF | Video)

February 23-24, 2023
AIM Local Workshops:  Soil Improvement

  • Dr. Mario Tenuta – Potato Early Dying Research Update (PDF) (Video)
  • Dr. Mario Tenuta – Nitrous Oxide in Potato Rotations (PDF) (Video Part 1Part 2)
  • Dr. Aitazaz Farooque – Measuring Soil Compaction (PDF) (Video)
  • Ryan Barrett – Cover Cropping Research Update (PDF) (Video)

February 13th, 2023
PEI Potato Conference, Summerside

  • Dr. Mathuresh Singh – Why was 2022 such a challenging year for PVY? (PDF)
  • Anne Verhallen – Practical Approaches to Soil Health (PDF)
  • Evan MacDonald – Variable Rate Seed Spacing (PDF)
  • Kyra Stiles – Biological Nitrogen Availability (PDF)
  • Dr. Judith Nyiraneza and Steve Watts – Optimizing Phosphorus Use (PDF)
  • Andrea McKenna/Ryan Barrett – Moving Forward with Living Labs (PDF)
  • Dr. Christine Noronha – 2022 PEI Click Beetle Survey Results (PDF)

February 2nd, 2023
New Brunswick Potato Conference
Presentation by Ryan Barrett on Optimizing Potato Rotations for Sustainability and Productivity (PDF)

January 11-13, 2012
PEIFA Local Workshops:  Nitrogen Management
Presenters:  Dr. David Burton (Dal AC), Kyra Stiles (PEIDAL), Evan MacDonald (UPEI)

  • Video of Jan 13th Zoom Meeting (Video)

March 30 & 31, 2022
International Potato Technology Expo:  Conference

Day 1 Video (YouTube):

  • Michele Konschuh – Irrigation Management
  • Jay Hao – Blackleg/Soft Rot Genetic Diversity
  • Lance Stockbrugger – Increasing Profits through Management

Day 2 Video (YouTube):

  • Dr. John Cranfield  – Growing in a Post-Pandemic World
  • Dr. Aaron Mills – Effect of Crop Diversity in Potato Rotations
  • Dr. Christine Noronha – Scouting for Wireworms
  • Kyra Stiles and Tobin Stetson – Soil Health Improvement Plans (SHIP)

February 28 & March 1, 2022
AIM Local Workshop:  Soil Health and Science & Tech Projects
Presenters:  Harold Perry (Perry Farms), Evan MacDonald (UPEI) and Ryan Barrett (PEI Potato Board)

  • Video of Harold Perry Presentation (YouTube)
  • Video of Evan MacDonald and Ryan Barrett presentations (YouTube)
  • Harold Perry slide deck (PDF)
  • Evan MacDonald slide deck (PDF)
  • Ryan Barrett slide deck (PDF)

March 25, 2021
AIM Webinar:  Crop Rotations and Diversity
Presenter:  Dr. Aaron Mills, AAFC

  • Video of Livestream Presentation (YouTube)

March 19, 2021
AIM Webinar:  Soil Electroconductivity Research
Presenter:  Dr. Aitazaz Farooque, UPEI

  • Video of Livestream Presentation (YouTube)

March 9-10, 2021
AIM Workshop:  Seed Management
Presenters:  Ryan Barrett, Steve Watts, Mary Kay Sonier

  • Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)
  • Video of Livestream Presentation (YouTube)

February 9-10, 2021
AIM Workshop:  Soil Building Crops
Presenters:  Ryan Barrett, Judith Nyiraneza

  • Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)
  • Video of Livestream Presentation (YouTube)

January 12-13, 2021
AIM Workshop:  Weed Management
Presenters:  Andrew McKenzie-Gopsill

  • Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)
  • Video of Livestream Presentation (YouTube)

December 9-10th, 2020
AIM Workshop:  Fall Cover Crops
Presenters:  Ryan Barrett & Morgan McNeil

  • Powerpoint Presentation (PDF)
  • Video of Dec 10th Presentation (YouTube)
  • OMAFRA Factsheet:  BMPs for Winter Cover Crops (PDF)

August 2-3rd, 2020
AIM Field Tours

March 12-13th, 2020
AIM Local Workshops – Soil Compaction/Tillage

March 24th, 2020
Wireworm Webinar

  • Entire Webinar (YouTube Video)
  • PEI Click Beetle Survey Results – Lorraine MacKinnon (PDF)
  • Rotation and Insecticide Results – Dr. Christine Noronha (PDF)
  • Effect of Buckwheat in Rotation – Dr. Suqi Liu (PDF)
  • Update on Insecticides – Sebastian Ibarra (PDF)

February 21-22nd, 2020
International Potato Expo Presentations

Day 1:

Day 2:

February 12-13th, 2020
AIM Local Workshops – Seed Management

January 20-21st, 2020
AIM Local Workshops – Crop Rotation and New Crop Opportunities

February 19-20th, 2019
2019 PEI Potato Conference

February 4-5th, 2019
AIM Local Grower Meetings – Cover Crops as Tools with Lee Briese

January 14-15th, 2019
AIM Local Grower Meetings – Nitrogen Management with Dr. David Burton

March 19-20th, 2018
AIM Local Grower Meetings – Interim Project Results and Grower Consultation

February 23-24th, 2018
International Potato Technology Expo Conference, Charlottetown, PE

February 2-3rd, 2018
Potato Early Dying AIM Workshops

August 29th, 2017
Soil Caravan AIM Event, Hamilton, PE

March 28th, 2017
Wireworm Research & Extension Seminar, Charlottetown, PE