Rotation Crop Reference Sheet

I’ve had a number of conversations with growers this winter and early spring about rotation crops, especially some of these newer options that are being experimented with on the Island.  Feedback that I had was that growers would like a reference document to compare the different crops against one-another.

Rotation Crop Reference Sheet – April 2018

This two-page table (PDF) tries to compare some of the key factors for each crop.  The majority of this information comes from the Cover Crop Decision Tool which I’ve shared with you previously.  For some of the disease susceptibilities, I have tried to do some literature review or consultation with experts in the field.  For some diseases, you will see “unknown” or “inconclusive” listed…this means that I was unable to find a study or reference that specifically mentioned that crop with relation to that disease, or I saw results that were not generally in agreement.  Obviously, there is much more to learn about some of these crops under PEI conditions.

I was not able to do an exhaustive list, but I tried to pick a number of crops that I’ve had questions about, that I know are being grown here or that I anticipate being grown here.  If you have questions about something that is not on this list that you want to try and get more information on, please feel free to talk to me.

I would appreciate your feedback on this, especially if you see ways to improve it.