Study Tour Report – AIM Seed Working Group in NL & UK

Study Tour Report – NL & UK (PDF)

Above, you will find a report from the Seed Management Working Group on their recent trip to the Netherlands and the United Kingdom to investigate seed production and practices in those leading countries, particularly as it relates to producing seed for processing.

The travel group consisted of growers John Ramsay (WG Chair), Peter Townshend, Paul MacAulay, and Pat Clarkin; Cavendish Farms Seed Farm Manager Kendall Brown; PEI Potato Board Seed Coordinator Mary Kay Sonier, and AIM Project Lead Ryan Barrett.

This report provides an overview of the main points that the group felt were important to relate back to Island growers, as well as action items for future AIM projects and agronomy projects.

If you have any questions about topics raised in this report, please feel free to contact any member of the travel group or myself as Project Lead, and we’d be glad to discuss it further.  There will also be a presentation to growers this winter on the outcomes of this project.